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My education (Music theory MA, Baroque singing BA, Classical singing MA) enables me to offer a variety of music programs for children, teenagers and adults. Experience as a singer, music theory teacher and singing teacher gives me a unique perspective which makes possible to help my students to integrate the knowledge and use the music theory skills in singing and vice-versa. 

Please, check in the link above, the programs that are currently in the offer. Every program can be adjusted to the needs and wishes of the student. 

SINGING LESSONS FOR ADULTS (individual or group lessons - maximum 10 students)
The lessons consist of breathing exercises, vocal warm up exercises with a specific technical goal and work on the desired repertoire - meaning of the words and story, vocal technique, pronunciation, interpretation and style, with special attention to healthy singing.

SINGING LESSONS FOR CHILDREN (individual or group lessons - maximum 10 students)

Singing lessons for children is an integrated method which combines singing with solfeggio, developing basic music theory skills. It consists of playing musical games and singing children songs and through those developing intonation, musical hearing, musical memory, sense for pulse and rhythm, all with special attention to healthy singing.

SOLFEGGIO LESSONS (individual or group lessons, for children from 8 years old, teenagers and adults)

In these lessons you will learn how to bring the written music to life (sight singing), how to write the music you hear (musical dictation) and how to build scales, intervals, and chords. This knowledge is needed and examined on every conservatoire and music academy. For some conservatoires and academies this is an obligatory pre-requirement and sometimes even an elimination factor on entrance exams. It is inevitable part of every professional music education.

MUSIC THEORY LESSONS (individual or group lessons for teenagers and adults)Music theory lessons can include, if desired: solfeggio, harmony, counterpoint, music form, analysis, and/or other music theory related subjects.For each subject we can make a special program, depending on the age, wishes and needs of the student.

SIGHT SINGING COURSE (individual or group lessons, for teenagers and adults)
Intense course where you will be learning how to read music at sight. The lessons consist of sight singing only, beginning from the easiest level, and gradually learning how to read more and more difficult music. You will develop skills needed for sight singing, as well as a certain way of thinking appropriate for reading music. This course is excellent for singers who want to improve their skills of reading music and for members of amateur choirs who would like to study the music on their own before the choir rehearsals. (There is no technique of singing or interpretation involved in these lessons.)

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